Quantitative Service Delivery Survey (QSDS) on the community involvement in the management of school resources allocated to 9YBE Program in Rwanda

Organization : Transparency International Rwanda

Imprint : Transparency International Rwanda, 2013

The Quantitative Service Delivery Survey (QSDS) is an initiative of Transparency International Rwanda (TI-Rw) in response to the call for proposal launched in September 2012 by the Government of Rwanda in partnership with the British Department for International Development (DfID), aiming to promote innovative ideas to improve the quality of education in Rwanda

It was conducted to investigate the extent to which the community is involved in the management of resources allocated to the 9YBE. Specific objectives of this survey include:

  •  examining the role of community (parents, teachers) in the management of school resources (planning, budgeting, implementation)
  •  identifying existing mechanisms for community to hold schools leaders accountable (follow-up and assessment)
  • analysing the effectiveness of existing mechanisms for community to hold schools leaders accountable, if any
  • exploring challenges to community engagement in school resources management
  • formulating operational recommendations to improve community engagement in the management of school resources
  • Access to information, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS), Quantitative service delivery surveys (QSDS), Parents, Parent-teacher associations, Primary education, Secondary education
  • Africa