Politique ouverte: structures locales de concertation dans les municipalités de Sahanivotry et Masindray, Madagascar

Author(s) : Harilanto Ravelomanantsoa ; Rajaonarivo Andrianarivelo

Editor : Saha

Notes : 2021 | 121p.

Open Government: local consultation structures in the municipalities of Sahanivotry and Masindray, Madagascar

This case study, developed as part of the IIEP‑UNESCO Research Project ‘Open Government: Learning From Experience’, examines the local consultation structures (LCS) set up in Madagascar at the municipal level with the aim of promoting the ownership of public policies and their results, making everyone responsible, and guaranteeing the sustainability of the outcomes.

Interviews with 224 people in the municipalities of Sahanivotry and Masindray highlight the fears of some elected officials or communal leaders regarding the opening up of the planning process to citizens, in the sense that they will be held accountable if the planned actions are not carried out. School headmasters, teachers and heads of ZAPs (pedagogical administrative areas) , also mentioned limits to be respected in terms of pedagogy, curriculum and teacher recruitment.

The book concludes with a list of recommendations aimed at strengthening the role and effectiveness of LCSs: reinforce communication on transparency and accountability mechanisms; improve resource mobilization at the municipal level; strengthen the links between LCSs and FEFFIs, as well as interactions between communities and decentralized services; enhance feedback to the national strategic level, and consolidate the various experiences of civil society organizations in this area.

ISBN : 978-2-9578358-0-5

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  • Series : Ethics and corruption in education
  • Document language : French