Political graft and education corruption in Ukraine: compliance, collusion, and control

Author(s) : Osipian, Ararat L.

Imprint : 2008

Collation : p. 323-342

Series : Demokratizatsiya, Vol. 16, Issue 4

In this article, the author considers corruption in higher education in Ukraine, including such aspects as corruption in admissions to higher education institutions, corruption in the academic process of teaching and learning, and corruption in administering the newly introduced standardized test for high school graduates. The author builds a grounded theory that explains the issues of compliance, collusion, and control. This theory is based on the idea of governmental control over corrupt higher education institutions. It implies a spillover of political graft in the academy, which facilitates educational corruption and suggests that the state may encourage the institutionally based culture of corruption in higher education. The author presents the implications of the current regime's actions in the context of the educational reform taking place in Ukrainian higher education and argues that the ruling regime is interested in breeding corruption in academia to sustain its existence.

  • Admission to school / university, Anti-corruption strategies, Legal framework, Monitoring / control, Corruption, Political corruption, Educational management, Central administration, Examinations and diplomas, Students, Higher education, Secondary education
  • Europe