Patterns of development and use of codes of conduct for teachers in 24 countries

Author(s) : Pippa McKelvie-Sebileau, Project co-ordinated by Muriel Poisson


Notes : 2011 | 44p.

This booklet presents the results of an international survey on codes of conduct for teachers across 24 countries on 5 continents. Its aim is to provide assistance to countries wishing to develop codes of conduct for educational personnel. The survey involved two questionnaires – one for countries with a code, and one for countries without.

The major findings include: perspectives on the purpose of a code; its intended users; its content, design, implementation, and distribution (and problems encountered during these different phases); and its overall impact. The use of two questionnaires (for countries with and without codes) allows differences between actual and ideal situations to be easily identified, thus providing information that may be useful in designing and implementing codes.

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  • Series :
    Ethics and corruption in education
  • Document language : English