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  • Tackling corruption: school education and public awareness

    This paper highlights how the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the ICAC for short, tackles corruption in Hong Kong through its school education programme. This comprehensive programme contributes significantly to the increase in public...

    Chui, Catherine

    Hong Kong, ICAC, 2000

  • Hidden challenges to education systems in transition economies

    This book outlines the strategy of the World Bank to guide its work with Europe and Central Asia (ECA) clients in education. In the early stages of the transition, it was felt that education could be safely ignored, because the region faced...

    Berryman, Sue E.

    Washington, World Bank, 2000

  • Standing against corruption is your choice: strategies for teachers. Facilitators handbook

    These two course handbooks were produced by Transparency International PNG to help teachers recognize the signs and symptoms of misuse and abuse. One is for teacher participants and the second is for facilitators who teach the course. The aim of the...

    Transparency International (Papua New Guinea)

    Arawa, Transparency International, PNG Department of Education, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, International Education Agency, 2000

  • Report card survey on the textbook crisis of the secondary school students

    A current crisis in the publication of textbooks for secondary school level education reflects what happens often in the education sector in Bangladesh. Only one publishing house was designated the task of publishing textbooks for the secondary...

    Transparency International (Bangladesh)

    Dhaka, Transparency International Bangladesh , 2001

  • Corruption in the Lithuanian higher schools

    This paper examines the high incidence of corruption in Lithuanian schools. In January 2001, an article was published in a prominent Lithuanian newspaper exposing bribery at the Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education. The case received media...

    Nedzinskas, Nerijus

    Prague, Transparency International Czech Republic, IACC Council, 2001

  • Corruption and its impact on education: a case in Omsk

    Bribery, through money, gifts, or exchange of favors, is common in the Omsk educational system. A student is obliged to pay 15000 Rubles for the 5th grade, 10000 Rubles for the 4th grade, and 5000 Rubles for the 3rd grade entering exams. A reform of...

    Fyedorova, Marina


  • Public Expenditure Tracking Survey in Education

    Mongolia has struggled throughout its transition to maintain the levels of education and literacy that were accomplishments of the previous centrally planned system. To cope with the new economic reality, the Government of Mongolia implemented a...

    World Bank, 2001

  • Women and Minorities as Educational Change Agents

    The "Women and Minorities as Educational Change Agents" is one of the eleven sub-projects of the "Special University Linkage Consolidation Program" in China, named "Women and Minorities as Educational Change Agents", which includes an ethical...

    Canadian International Development Agency


  • The poor speak up: 17 stories of corruption

    This book is the result of an action research project carried out by the Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia and the World Bank. It sets out to understand from the poor the ways in which corruption intersects with their lives and how it...

    Hardjono, Ratih, Teggemann, Stefanie

    Jakarta, Partnership for Governance Reform, 2003

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