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  • Anti-corruption strategies in development cooperation

    During recent years an increasing number of donors and other organisations working in the international development cooperation sector have drawn up policies and strategies to combat corruption in developing countries. The aim of this study is to...

    Anger, Joakim

    Sweden, SIDA, 2004

  • Corruption in the education sector in developing countries

    Corruption in the education sector of developing countries is a widely observed phenomenon, yet research and discussion on the subject has intensified only recently. This paper reviews the general discussion taking place about the issue in the...

    Altinyelken, Hulya Kosar

    Amsterdam, Minbuza, 2004

  • Decentralisation and corruption: a review of the literature

    This literature review provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of existing, mostly published academic work on decentralisation and related problems of corruption. It covers mainly research within social anthropology, economics, law, and...

    Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge

    Bergen, Chr. Michelsen Institute, 2004

  • Formula funding of schools, decentralization and corruption

    This book looks at the relationships between decentralization of funding for schools and the prevalence of corruption, a crucial concern for education policymakers today. The monograph is based on the assumption that formula funding acts to reduce...

    Levacic, Rosalind, Downes, Peter, Caldwell, Brian, Gurr, David, Spinks, Jim, Herczynski, Jan, Luce, Maria-Beatriz, Farenzena, Nalú

    Paris, UNESCO, 2004

  • Public expenditure tracking surveys in education

    Public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS) allow policy makers to diagnose how incentives and accountability systems are working in practice and how they can be improved. Among the results provided by PETS are estimates of leakage, data on the...

    Reinikka, Ritva, Smith, Nathanael

    Paris, UNESCO, 2004

  • Controlling corruption in Asia and the Pacific

    The ADB/OECD Initiative's fourth regional anti-corruption conference aimed to review and discuss progress made by endorsing countries in implementing the Action Plan for Asia and the Pacific and to enhance capacity in a number of areas which have...

    Manila, ADB, 2004

  • The Global corruption report 2004

    The Global Corruption Report provides an overview of the state of corruption around the world in 2004. It covers national and international developments, institutional and legal changes and activities within both the private sector and civil society...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, Transparency International , 2004

  • Preventing corruption in the education system: a practical guide

    This practical guide addresses those responsible for development cooperation projects aiming to promote reform in the education sector. They are intended to provide ideas and practical support, and to indicate ways of integrating corruption...

    German Agency for Technical Cooperation

    Eschborn (Germany), GTZ, 2004

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