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  • Public sector transparency and accountability: making it happen

    This publication presents the papers discussed at the Latin American Forum on Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in the Public Sector that took place on 5-6 December 2001. The Forum brought together more than 450 ministers, senators, senior...


    Paris, OECD, 2002

  • Public expenditure tracking and facility surveys: a general note on methodology

    Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS) are quantitative exercises that trace the flow of resources from origin to destination and determine the location and scale of anomaly. This note by World Bank gives a summary of the steps involved in such a...

    Waglé, Swarnim, Shah, Parmesh

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2002

  • Texts on corruption prevention

    The German Federal Government Directive concerning the Prevention of Corruption in the Federal Administration, dated 17 June 1998, is intended to help in the effort of combating corruption. The Directive is intended as a guideline to explain the...

    Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (Germany)

    Bonn, BMZ, 2002

  • Anticorruption strategy for DFID

    This DFID policy paper investigates the causes and effects of corruption on the development process and proposes a holistic global strategy for combating corruption involving action in a number of area. These include: supporting poorer states...

    UK. Dept for International Development

    Bergen, Utstein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, 2002

  • Corruption and the future of the public service in Africa

    Corruption is a formidable challenge to the public service in Africa. Corruption has not only eroded the public service's established principales such as merit, neutrality, equality, accountability and representativeness but also its legitimacy or...

    Ayee, Joseph

    Accra, University of Ghana, 2002

  • Power without accountability?

    The One World Trust's Global Accountability Report is the first of its kind to compare the accountability of inter-governmental organisations (IGOs), transnational corporations (TNCs) and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Eighteen...

    Kovach, Hetty, Neligan, Caroline, Burall, Simon

    London, One World Trust, 2002

  • Mainstreaming poverty reducation

    The theme of the 2002 CGI mid-year review was "progress on reducing poverty". The agenda was an array of issues that require attention in order to reduce poverty substantially in Indonesia. At the CGI November 2001, a summary document recorded an...

    World Bank.Working Group on Poverty Reducation (USA)

    Jakarta, World Bank, 2002

  • Assessment of corruption in Samara Oblast: results of a public opinion survey

    Public sector corruption, commonly understood as the misuse of public office for private gain, exists throughout the world and is widespread in many places. Corruption has been shown to be very costly to economic growth and inhibits the development...

    Management Systems International (USA),

    Washington, MSI, 2002

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