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  • A diagnostic study of corruption in Indonesia

    This is the final report of a governance diagnostic study undertaken by the Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia, with the assistance of the World Bank. The study consisted of two parts: the commissioning of 13 research papers on different...

    Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia (Indonesia)

    Jakarta, Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia , 2001

  • Mainstreaming poverty reducation

    The theme of the 2002 CGI mid-year review was "progress on reducing poverty". The agenda was an array of issues that require attention in order to reduce poverty substantially in Indonesia. At the CGI November 2001, a summary document recorded an...

    World Bank.Working Group on Poverty Reducation (USA)

    Jakarta, World Bank, 2002

  • Corruption and the education sector

    This paper discusses reasons why national education systems are particularly vulnerable to pervasive corruption, forms that corruption takes within the education sector, and interventions that have been suggested for reducing corruption. It argues...

    Chapman, David

    Washington D.C., MSI, 2002

  • The poor speak up: 17 stories of corruption

    This book is the result of an action research project carried out by the Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia and the World Bank. It sets out to understand from the poor the ways in which corruption intersects with their lives and how it...

    Hardjono, Ratih, Teggemann, Stefanie

    Jakarta, Partnership for Governance Reform, 2003

  • Southeast Asia: an overview

    This article provides an overview of anti-corruption efforts in countries from Southeast Asia. Areas covered include: the influence of the economy, the nature and impact of the private sector; civil society, national effort to combat corruption as...

    Bolongaita, Emil

    Berlin, Transparency International, 2003

  • Global corruption report 2003: Special focus: access to information

    The Global corruption report is the first attempt by any organization to map the global fight against corruption. The 2003 edition focuses on the need for greater access to information in the struggle against corruption. It explores how civil society...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, TI, 2003

  • Challenging corruption in Asia: case studies and a framework for action

    Combating corruption is now high on the policy agenda across Asia. However, many policymakers are handicapped by the lack of useful analytical tools. Why do some policies and programs work in some countries, and fail in others? What accounts for...

    Bolongaita, Emil, Bhargava, Vinay K.

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2004

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