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  • Looking beyond the numbers: stakeholders and multiple school accountability

    How to hold autonomous schools and school governing boards accountable for their decisions and performance has become a particularly pressing question for central governments in many OECD countries. Increasing complexity in education systems has led...

    Hooge, Edith, Burns, Tracey, Wilkoszewski, Harald

    Paris, OECD, 2012

  • IAU-MCO guidelines for an institutional code of ethics in higher education

    The International Association of Universities and the Magna Charta Observatory have jointly drawn up the following Guidelines for an Institutional Code of Ethics in Higher Education (hereafter Guidelines) to encourage the adoption of comprehensive...

    International Association of Universities

    Paris, IAU, 2012

  • Education against corruption: a manual for teachers

    This Manual aims to provide teachers with a number of tools they need in order to introduce learning issues related to the students’ education against corruption, as one of the negative phenomena that hinder economic and social development of a...

    Project Against Corruption in Albania (PACA)

    Strasbourg, Council of Europe, 2012

  • Barrier to thriving plagiarism

    Plagiarism is a phenomenon that existed in the past, exists today and will exist in the future. Slovakia with its population of 5.4 million is confronted with theses and dissertation plagiarism like other countries. The rapid growth in the number of...

    Kravjar, Julius

    Washington, D.C., EDC, 2012

  • Academic corruption and reform in Russia and Ukraine

    After the collapse of communism a problematic development took place in nearly all former Soviet states. As a consequence of social uncertainties as well as weak and unstructured formal institutional settings that existed, during the transition...

    Klein, Eduard


  • The Concordat to support research integrity

    The concordat sets out five commitments that will provide assurances to government, the wider public and the international community that research in the UK continues to be underpinned by the highest standards of rigour and integrity. Developed in...

    Universities UK

    London, Universities UK, 2012

  • School funding formulas: review of main characteristics and impacts

    This study provides a literature review on school funding formulas across OECD countries. It looks at three salient questions from a comparative perspective: i) What kind of school formula funding schemes exist and how are they used, particularly for...

    Fazekas, Mihály

    Paris, OECD Publishing, 2012

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