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  • Explaining leakage of public funds

    Using panel data from a unique survey of public primary schools in Uganda, Reinikka and Svensson assess the degree of leakage of public funds in education. The survey data reveal that on average, during the period 1991-95, schools received only 13...

    Reinikka, Ritva, Svensson, Jakob

    Washington, World Bank, 2001

  • The Global corruption report 2001

    The 2001 Global corruption report concentrates on events in the period July 2000 to June 2001. It is based on Transparency International's definition of corruption as the misuse of entrusted power for private gain. This includes both public and...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, Transparency International (TI), 2001

  • Empowering the victims of corruption through social control mechanisms

    For poor people at village level, petty corruption involving a payment of as little as $10 for a free medical service can have devastating effects on their lives. What makes the situation even worse is that most of the people who are faced with...

    Langseth, Petter

    Prague, UNODCCP, 2001

  • Combating corruption in the Philippines: an update

    The war against corruption in the Philippines has taken a fresh turn with the installation of the new government in 2001. Addressing corruption was one of the new administration ' s announced priorities, but a detailed anticorruption strategy and...

    World Bank. Philippines Country Management Unit. East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (Philippines)

    Manila, World Bank, 2001

  • Women and Minorities as Educational Change Agents

    The "Women and Minorities as Educational Change Agents" is one of the eleven sub-projects of the "Special University Linkage Consolidation Program" in China, named "Women and Minorities as Educational Change Agents", which includes an ethical...

    Canadian International Development Agency


  • Standardized testing + high stakes decisions = educational inequity

    Changes in assessment policy have increased standardized testing at provincial, national, and international levels, introduced testing at more grade levels, increased the reporting of test results, and attached more significance to those results...

    Froese-German, Bernie


  • Democracy, market economics and development: an Asian perspective

    The book contains a selection of papers presented at the Conference on Democracy, Market Economy, and Development, whose objective was to examine the extent of which democracy is important to the achievement of sustainable development. While it is...

    Farrukh, Iqbal, Jong-Il, You

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2001

  • Plagiarism: a good practice guide

    In many ways the Good practice guide, which was commissioned by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in 2001, and written by Jude Carroll and Jon Appleton from Oxford Brookes University is still viewed as a blueprint for institutional...

    Carroll, Jude, Appleton, Jon


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