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  • Social audits in service delivery: an annotated bibliography

    This paper is part of the background research for the Skeptic’s Guide to Open Government (2022 Edition). Suchi Pande developed it with guidance from the Accountability Research Center. This annotated bibliography identifies sources on how social...

    Pande, Suchi

    Washington, D.C., Open Government Partnership, OGP, 2022

  • Why are school systems in South Asia seriously under-performing?

    South Asia countries have massively increased pupil enrolment but schools remain substandard in terms of performance. Why? This essay proposes three reasons: (i) low taxing effort, (ii) weak governance, and (iii) professional corruption. I discuss...

    Richards, John


  • Solving problems in public service delivery

    Social accountability interventions aim to boost citizen engagement in public service delivery, increase responsiveness of duty-bearers (service providers and relevant officials), and ultimately improve service quality in line with citizen demands...

    Daniel Silver,, Lorusso, Enrica, Crane, David, Lau, Kay, Tay, Chermaine

    Integrity Action, 2021

  • Grabbing in the education sector

    The chapter focusses on multiple forms of grabbing in the education sector of developing countries, drawing on cases and research she has engaged with while working to support developing countries' education systems. The discussion of grabbing...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Edward Elgar, 2014

  • Nepal Public Expenditure Tracking Study on primary education

    The objective of this study was to conduct a public expenditure review on the education sector, especially primary education to show the level of integration of education related expenditures into the national budget in order to provide a future...

    Nepal. National Planning Commission

    Kathmandu, National Planning Commission, 2012

  • Challenges of right to information in South Asia

    The Right to Information (RTI) Act in South Asia has seen mixed results. This latest briefing from the Protifolon series considers the challenges and varying successes of implementing RTI in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

    Institute of Informatics and Development (Bangladesh)


  • Corruption, attitudes, and education: survey evidence from Nepal

    Social norms can reduce the costs of corrupt behavior and push a society toward a high-corruption equilibrium, but what determines individual attitudes toward corruption? How does acceptance vary across different types of corrupt behavior? An...

    Truex, Rory


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