Integrity triad as doubled edged sword for head-teachers’ integrity: a case from Nepal

Author(s) : Khadka, Bhanu Bhakta; Bhattarai, Prakash C.

Imprint : 2021

Collation : 13 p.

Series : International Journal for Educational Integrity, Volume 17, Article number 27

Headteachers in the community schools are responsible for academic and administrative activities. They are considered role models for integrity practices. However, the situation is different on some occasions. For instance, political interest plays more important roles than qualifications, training, work experience, etc., in school affairs. In this context, a qualitative study was carried out in the purposefully selected two schools – an urban and a rural – to explore the elements that influence school integrity practices. Data collected from the schools were analyzed and interpreted. The findings show that nepotism, unhealthy party politics, and impunity (integrity triad) influence the school integrity practices in Nepal.

  • Corruption, Educational management, School administration, Ethics, Integrity
  • Nepal