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    Student 'anti-cheating' exam hats go viral


    James FitzGerald - BBC news

    Images of students wearing so-called "anti-cheating hats" during college exams have gone viral on social media in the Philippines. To ensure integrity and honesty in a fun way during exams, a professor at Bicol University College of Engineering asked the students to innovate headwear that would block their ability to see their peers' answer papers. The idea had been effective, and it was implemented for recent mid-term exams sat by hundreds of students at the College in October.

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    Commission against corruption detects a subsidy scam involving the Continuing Education Development Plan

    Macao, China

    Commission Against Corruption - Government portal of Macao

    An investigation found nearly 170 residents who allegedly defrauded subsidies from the Continuing Education Development Plan, which involved over MOP1 million. Between 2016 and 2019, two staff members attracted residents to apply to the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau for the Continuing Education Development Plan and apply for subsidised courses. The centre reported untrue attendance records and colluded with instructors and students to forge attendance records while the students received cash rebates amounting to half of the subsidies paid or took other courses held by the centre for free.

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    College closed after alleged theft of public resources


    Rwanda, Jean d’Amour - Universit World News

    The Rwanda Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) has ordered the temporary closure of Rwanda Polytechnic Regional College Kigali, in order to investigate serious cases of theft and misappropriation of public resources. According to sources, college equipment allegedly disappeared, and top officials and several employees involved in the management of the institution have been interrogated and arrested.

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    Report unveils 1,000 ghost teachers on payroll


    Damali Mukhaye - Monitor

    A new report by the Education Service Commission (ESC) has revealed that since 2003, 1,000 ghost teachers have been on the government payroll. Over 600 ‘ghost teachers’ from various secondary schools and tertiary institutions accessed the payroll with fake appointment letters signed by officials, while 400 teachers lacked practising licences. The report says that in few schools, appointed teachers were not teaching but sub-contracted private teachers to perform their duties.

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    Tanzania: More details emerge over suspended exams centre

    Tanzania UR

    Deogratius Kamagi - All Africa

    The Chalinze Modern Islamic Pre and Primary School examination centre has been suspended by the Government for examination malpractice. Five students had their examination numbers altered with no clear explanation from the invigilators. The minister demanded that the owner of the school sack all teachers involved in the cheating scandal, or risk permanent deregistration of the establishment. The National Examination Council of Tanzania corrected the candidates’ examination numbers and the results affected by this malpractice.

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    Ontario to end secrecy over campus sexual misconduct cases


    Toronto Star - University World News

    New Ontario legislation will ban non-disclosure agreements so professors cannot hide a history of sexual misconduct when applying to other universities or colleges. It will give schools rights to fire staff when they are found to have abused a student – and stop them from being rehired.

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    Universities assure minister they are dealing with cheating

    Australia, Canada

    The Globe and Mail - University World News

    African ghost-writer claims to have written hundreds of papers for New Zealand students while allegedly working for Eastern China-based academic essay writing service Assignment Joy. The anonymous whistle-blower alleges that some New Zealand students graduated without ever writing a single assignment. Urgent talks are ongoing between New Zealand universities and the Government to follow Australia’s move, outlaw cheating websites and block them from local access.

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    Sindh Education Dept decides to take action against ghost staff


    Bol News - BOL News

    The education department has released a list of ghost employees at different schools in the region, following which 79 employees will be suspended. These employees include 8 high school teachers, 8 junior schoolteachers, 10 primary school teachers, 4 Sindhi language teachers and 2 headmasters, as well as non-teaching staff. The Sindh Education Department said that all the employees belonging to schools in Karachi have been absent from school for 8 months but were receiving a salary.

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    Report reveals widespread sexual harassment in universities


    This Day - University World News

    Findings from an investigation into cases of sexual harassment in universities in Nigeria have revealed that male students are ahead of their lecturers in sexual harassment and rape of their female counterparts. The report stated that there was also grossly under-reported sex for promotion and gender-based violence among staff. The major reason for not reporting is a lack of knowledge of where to go and who to tell, the expectation of not being believed, followed by fear of negative consequences.

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    Region’s MPs worry about ‘quack’ private institutions

    South Africa, Uganda

    Jean d’Amour Mbonyinsh - University World News

    The Inter-University Council for East Africa and member states from the East African Community need to address the issue of poor quality of education in private universities operating without minimum requirements. Members of the East African Legislative Assembly are concerned about those “quack universities” where students are tricked into enrolling but later fail to graduate after the universities have closed. This is the case of Kampala University, which opened a branch in Juba but closed without informing students, leaving them stranded.

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