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    Russian Federation to try standardized exam

    Russian Federation

    Bryon Mac Williams - Chronicle of Higher Education

    The Russian Federation will begin testing a system of state examinations this year, similar in format to the SAT in the United States and aimed at reducing corruption and creating equitable access to higher education. A single test is planned to be instituted nationwide in 2004.

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    World's biggest diploma mill brazenly stems it up


    Justin Wells -

    For years, a Romanian degree mill sold fake diplomas all over the world. Every moth $ 2 million had been transferred into a bank account in Cyprus. On the March 5, however, a joint action of US authorities (FTC) and British authorities shut down all the dozen-or-so websites. However it will probably not put them out of business since their main tools are Email spams and clever telemarketing.

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    Parents and financial advisers charged with federal student-aid fraud


    Ben Gose and Jeffrey R. Young - Chronicle of Higher Education

    Eighteen parents and seven financial-aid advisers in the Chicago area have been charged with federal student-aid fraud for allegedly obtaining more than $2.6-million in funds by purposefully underreporting their income on financial-aid applications. Two of the aid advisers worked at colleges.

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    University rectors bribe students


    - News Agency Prima

    At the request of the Committee on Science and Education, several higher education institutions have been charged for forcing students to attend political meetings. School officials are thus accused of promising to pass students in return for their participation.

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