Generative AI for anti-corruption and integrity in government: taking stock of promise, perils and practice

Organization : OECD

Imprint : Paris, OECD, 2024

Collation :

49 p.

Series : OECD artifical intelligence papers; No. 12

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) presents myriad opportunities for integrity actors—anti-corruption agencies, supreme audit institutions, internal audit bodies and others—to enhance the impact of their work, particularly through the use of large language models (LLMS). As this type of AI becomes increasingly mainstream, it is critical for integrity actors to understand both where generative AI and LLMs can add the most value and the risks they pose. To advance this understanding, this paper draws on input from the OECD integrity and anti-corruption communities and provides a snapshot of the ways these bodies are using generative AI and LLMs, the challenges they face, and the insights these experiences offer to similar bodies in other countries. The paper also explores key considerations for integrity actors to ensure trustworthy AI systems and responsible use of AI as their capacities in this area develop.

  • Anti-corruption strategies, Monitoring / control, Corruption, Artificial intelligence (AI), Governance, Integrity