Forms and effects of corruption on the education sector in Vietnam

Author(s) : Transparency International

Organization : Transparency International, Towards Transparency (Viet Nam)

Imprint : Berlin, TI, 2011

Collation :

53 p.

The main objectives of the research were: (1) to assess citizen awareness and understanding of manifestations and forms of corruption and their effects on the quality of education; (2) to enhance awareness, knowledge, understanding and analysis of current manifestations and forms of corruption in the education system; (3) to bring forward policy suggestions related to anti-corruption efforts in the education system; and (4) to provide recommendations on the direction of in-depth, quantitative, follow-up research to be conducted.

  • Accountability, Anti-corruption strategies, Legal framework, Corruption, Economic and social development, Educational quality, Transparency, Primary education
  • Asia and the Pacific
    Viet Nam