Combating corruption in the Philippines: an update

Author(s) : World Bank. Philippines Country Management Unit. East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (Philippines)

Organization : World Bank. Philippines Country Management Unit, East Asia and Pacific Regional Office,

Imprint : Manila, World Bank, 2001

Collation : 64 p.

Series : Pre-2003 Economic or Sector Report

Notes : Incl.bibl.

The war against corruption in the Philippines has taken a fresh turn with the installation of the new government in 2001. Addressing corruption was one of the new administration ' s announced priorities, but a detailed anticorruption strategy and action plan have yet to emerge. Chapter 1 discusses the nine-point approach to fighting corruption in the Philippines as proposed by the World Bank in November 1999 which comprises policy reforms and deregulation, reforming campaign finance, increasing public oversight, reforming the budget process, improving meritocracy in civil services, targeting selected agencies, enhancing sanctions, developing private sector partnerships, and supporting judicial reform. Chapter 2 discusses the widening government deficit which begun in late 1999 and the events shaping this change. Chapter 3 highlights the areas where progress was made during this time and focuses on the emergence of new initiatives. Finally, Chapter 4 addresses the new Government 's commitment.

  • Anti-corruption strategies, Judiciary, Legal framework, Corporate sector, Corruption, Economic and social development, Educational management, Central administration, Finance, Budgets, Governance, Public sector
  • Asia and the Pacific