Combating academic fraud: towards a culture of integrity

Author(s) : Eckstein Max A.


Notes : 2003 | 101p.

This book documents the importance and extent of academic fraud, in a context of the international flow of persons, global communication of information and ideas, and the ubiquity of corporate and other forms of fraud in contemporary society. It identifies major varieties of academic fraud such as cheating in high stakes examinations, plagiarism, credentials fraud, and misconduct in reform policies.

Examples of measures to limit academic fraud are presented, including national and local government interventions, punitive measures, the activities of academic and professional organizations, and the promotion of greater academic integrity.

Throughout, attention is drawn to increasing participation in academic activities, the importance of qualifications and printed credentials, the international dimensions of academic fraud, and the role of advanced technology in facilitating both fraud and efforts to combat it.

ISBN: 92-803-1241-3

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  • Series :
    Ethics and corruption in education
  • Document language : English