Cambodia Education Sector : Public Expenditure Tracking and Quality of Service Delivery Survey

Organization : World Bank

Imprint : Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2018

Collation : 68 p.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), together with key Development Partners, conducted a Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) and Quality of Service Delivery Survey (QSDS) for the education sector in Cambodia. Several PETS were conducted in Cambodia in the 2005-2013 period. They generally found leakage to be low but the timeliness and consistency of funds delivery to service providers to be poor. This PETS-QSDS will assist the Royal Government of Cambodia in its aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery through several key reforms. The educational structure of schooling in Cambodia is six years of primary, followed by three years of lower secondary then three years of upper secondary. Prior to primary, there is at least one year for pre-school education. Cambodia also has technical and vocational education, which commences after completion of grade 9. Higher education commences after grade 12.

  • Anti-corruption strategies, Legal framework, Corruption, Fund leakage, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS), Quantitative service delivery surveys (QSDS), Educational management, Central administration, Finance, Budgets, Use of funds, Non-governemental organizations, Poverty, Public sector
  • Asia and the Pacific