Best practice programme in promoting academic integrity: a compendium of best practice. Volume 1 2021-2022

Author(s) : Bertram Gallant, Tricia

Organization : Council of Europe

Imprint : Strasbourg, Council of Europe, 2022

Collation :

56 p.

This compendium provides a thorough review of the background, process, and results of the Council of Europe’s Best Practices Programme in Promoting Academic Integrity (CoE-BPP) launched in 2021. The aim of the Programme is to identify the best practices that European higher education institutions are implementing to combat academic corruption. The compendium serves to share these best practices to encourage and inspire all European higher education institutions to work towards building cultures of academic integrity through improving teaching and learning, ensuring viable and relevant policies for guiding integrity behaviours and procedures for responding to integrity breaches, enhancing communications about academic integrity, implementing sound governance structures for supporting academic integrity, and training community members in how to choose integrity over misconduct. Given that the 2021 Call for Best Practices was issued during the global COVID-19 pandemic, there was a particular interest in identifying best practices implemented to tackle the specific challenges that remote teaching, learning and research presented for academic integrity.

  • Anti-Corruption Education, Corruption, Educational management, University administration, Integrity, Higher education