Baseline assessment of integrity in higher education in Serbia

Author(s) : Smith, Ian; Hamilton, Tom

Organization : Council of Europe

Imprint : Council of Europe, 2017

Collation : 88 p.

Series : Strengthen Integrity and combat corruption in higher education

The overall goal is to strengthen integrity and combat corruption in the higher education system in Serbia through applying preventive mechanisms based on Council of Europe standards and policies. The first specific objective is to support relevant higher education institutions in developing ethical standards, combat corruption and promote best practices of quality and integrity in education. This objective shall be accomplished through the achievement of the following results: - Relevant public authorities adopt mechanisms to prevent corruption and to strengthen ethics, transparency and integrity in higher education; - Mechanisms in place take into account standards and good practices promoted by the Council of Europe’s Ethics in Education Platform (ETINED). The second specific objective is to raise awareness and improve knowledge of the main education actors on ethical standards and how to address corruption. This objective shall be accomplished through the achievement of the following result: - Educational professionals and students in public higher education institutions have increased competencies to recognise and address issues challenging the integrity in higher education.

  • Anti-Corruption Education, National anti-corruption plans, Corruption, Ethics, Integrity, Quality assurance and accreditation, Higher education
  • Europe