Of academic fraud and the education crisis

Author(s) : Steinberg, Iain

Imprint : Washington, The Washington Times, 2000

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Series : The World and I Magazine

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Vol. 15, No.9

The World Wide Web has given students unprecedented access to legitimate and illegitimate education resources. Steinberg gives an oversight of the implications of it on present-day higher education. He thus describes how, in the U.S., internet-based research and term paper mills have become a booming industry, even though sixteen States have made it illegal since 1995 to sell academic research and term papers. On this basis, he raises the question: how can legislators, professors or administrators rightfully tell if a submitted piece of academic work was personally written or professionally subcontracted?

  • Academic fraud, Cheating, Essay mills, Access to education, Educational management, Central administration, University administration, Examinations and diplomas, Research, Students, University staff, Higher education
  • Americas and the Caribbean