About us

ETICO is an IIEP-UNESCO web-based resource platform targeting the issue of ethics and corruption in education.
ETICO seeks to combat corruption in education through:
  • Knowledge gathering and analysis: To better promote the circulation of up-to-date knowledge on the issue of ethics and corruption in education, ETICO offers a rich network of resources to mine, track, and share
  • Capacity building services: ETICO provides guidance and country level support on corruption priority topics in education by offering access to relevant instruments, standards, and services that bolster country capacities
  • The stimulation of information exchange: ETICO promotes interaction, dialogue, and reflection on targeted issues related to the field
Specialists working in the field benefit from direct access to relevant and timely knowledge, diagnostic tools, and strategies for a more informed approach on how to best combat corruption in the education sector. For a comprehensive overview of IIEP's programme on ethics and corruption in education please have a look at our brochure.

For any queries, do not hesitate to contact the ETICO Team!

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