Women and Minorities as Educational Change Agents

Canadian International Development Agency
Canadian International Development Agency; University of Toronto. The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Editor: 2001
Paginación: 26 p.

The "Women and Minorities as Educational Change Agents" is one of the eleven sub-projects of the "Special University Linkage Consolidation Program" in China, named "Women and Minorities as Educational Change Agents", which includes an ethical component. The sub-project is designed to strengthen the capacities of women's teachers in teaching, research and community development at various Chinese universities. This includes facilitating the development of secondary school teachers as moral educators.

Enseñanza superior, Enseñanza secundaria
Desarrollo de capacidades, Desarrollo económico y social, Gestión educacional, Administración de la universidad , Ética, Género, Investigación, Docentes, Personal universitario
Américas y Caribe, Asia y Pacífico
Canadá, China