Teaching research integrity in higher education: policy and strategy

Shephard, Kerry; Trotman, Tiffany; Furnari, Mary; Löfström, Erika
Editor: 2015
Paginación: p. 615-632
Serie: Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 37, 6

Recently published research suggested that university academics have qualitatively disparate views on some key aspects of teaching research integrity within the broader construct of academic integrity and surprisingly ambiguous views on others. In the light of this variation, we have reviewed the research and academic integrity policies of our institutions, and the relevant international literature, with respect to six areas of interest in order to understand how policy and strategy elements relate to, and may need to adapt to, the diversity of viewpoints that university colleagues may hold about them. We develop some generic recommendations that may help our institutions, and others, adapt to the diverse perspectives of academic colleagues about research and academic integrity and how it could be taught.

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Estrategias de lucha contra la corrupción, Marco jurídico, Gestión educacional, Administración de la universidad , Integridad, Investigación, Libros de texto y materiales didácticos, Personal universitario