Strengthening participation in public expenditure management: policy recommendations for key stakeholders

Heimans, Jeremy
OECD. Development Centre
Editor: Paris, OECD, 2002
Paginación: 43 p.
Serie: Policy Brief, 22
Notas: Inc. bibliography

Widening citizen participation in the process of government is one of the responses to perceived shortcomings in governance in developing and emerging economies. Achieving such broadened involvement, however, is complex and difficult. One effort which is of particular interest is particpatory budgeting: the active promotion of citizen involvement in the process of budget design and management. According to this approach, civil society joins with the organs of government and legislatures to set and monitor public spending targets. This simple idea will require goodwill and active cooperation from all partners to be successful. One result could well be renewed faith in the integrity of government and the efficiency of public administration, thus strengthening democracy.

Sociedad civil, Corrupción, Desarrollo económico y social, Finanzas, Integridad
Arab States
Bangladesh, Brasil, República de Sudáfrica, Uganda