Integrity, transparency and accountability in public sector human resources management

Ashour, Ahmed Sakr
United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Division for Public Administration and Development Management
Editor: New York, UN DESA DPADM, 2004
Paginación: 31 p.
Serie: Transparency and accountability in the public sector in the Arab Region, Concept paper 3, RAB/01/006

The success and effectiveness of public sector reforms rest on more effective control over corruption. Within this context, managing various resources of the government and the public sector needs to be revitalized and transformed. At the core of the transformation is human resources management (HRM). This paper examines the integrity, transparency and accountability in HRM, which are critical ingredients for improving government performance, in general, and combating administrative corruption, in particular. It starts with an analysis of the anatomy of corruption and malpractices in HRM. It offers an institutional framework that results in more ethical, or more corrupt behavior, within public sector organizations. It then examines HRM policies and regulations that make up or impact upon the framework. It then reviews international trends and implications for needed reforms in public sector HRM in the Arab region.

Rendición de cuentas, Estrategias de lucha contra la corrupción, Marco jurídico, Códigos de conducta, Corrupción, Gestión educacional, Administración central, Ética, Gobernabilidad, Integridad, Sector público, Transparencia
Arab States