Diploma mill$ : how for-profit colleges stiffed students, taxpayers, and the American dream

Angulo, A.J.
Editor: Baltimore, Maryland, John Hopkins University Press, 2016
Paginación: 224 p.

The most significant shift in higher education over the past two decades has been the emergence of for-profit colleges and universities. These online and storefront institutions lure students with promises of fast degrees and "guaranteed" job placement, but what they deliver is often something quite different. In this provocative history of for-profit higher education, historian and educational researcher A. J. Angulo tells the remarkable and often sordid story of these "diploma mills," which target low-income and nontraditional students while scooping up a disproportionate amount of federal student aid.

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Fraude académico, Fábricas de diplomas, Gestión educacional, Administración central, Exámenes y diplomas, Finanzas, Alumnos/estudiantes
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