Barrier to thriving plagiarism

Kravjar, Julius
Slovac Centre for Scientific and Technical Information
Editor: Washington, D.C., EDC, 2012
Paginación: 11 p.
Notas: Online document

Plagiarism is a phenomenon that existed in the past, exists today and will exist in the future. Slovakia with its population of 5.4 million is confronted with theses and dissertation plagiarism like other countries. The rapid growth in the number of higher education institutions and students, the ICT and internet penetration growth plus low copyright and intellectual property rights awareness in our country contributed to the expansion of plagiarism - an unwanted kind of "creativity". And there was an inherent lack of systemic action, which would be a barrier for its future growth. The paper analyzes the establishment of the electronic central repository for theses and dissertations and the nationwide plagiarism detection system in Slovakia obligatory for all higher education institutions operating under the Slovak legal order and evaluates the first two years of its existence.

Enseñanza superior
Fraude académico, Plagio, Acceso a la información, Estrategias de lucha contra la corrupción, Marco jurídico, Exámenes y diplomas, Propiedad intelectual , Investigación, Alumnos/estudiantes