Need analysis to develop anti-corruption behavior of early childhood through parenting education model

Hasanah, Uswatun; Tarma, Tarma
Imprint: 2019
Collation: p. 247-256
Series: 3rd ICTVET 2018, 3rd UNJ International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training

The aim of this research and development is to develop a parenting education model to improve the parenting of anti-corruption character in early childhood. The result of need analysis identifies existing condition about anti-corruptive parenting, corrupt or anti-corruption character in early childhood, parenting education model needed by parent and anti-corruption learning media. The survey results to 55 parents of kindergarten students, obtained a description of the parenting education model needed by parents. The result of need analysis is known that the parents do not yet know the character of anticorruption, aren't yet aware of the anti-corruptive behavior performed by the child, has not been able to apply the method of parenting to develop anticorruption character of early childhood. All parents do not know all the nine anti-corruption characters. Similarly, about the characters, most of the parents do not understand the character formation process of children. Moreover, the character education method is not understood, let alone be practiced optimally. Methods of character education in families such as value-added, value analysis, value clarification, learning to do, storytelling, conversations, habituation, rewards, and punishments are not fully understood and practiced by parents at home. Based on needs analysis findings, it is necessary a model of parenting education to develop anti-corruption behavior on early childhood. Based on the characteristics of parents, the parenting education model developed should be simple, applicable, easy to understand and apply the andragogic approach for parents with average education level of senior high school or equivalent.


Early childhood education / Pre-school education
Anti-Corruption Education, Parents