Corruption in Russian higher education as reflected in the media

Osipian, Ararat L.
Imprint: Etats-Unis, Vanderbilt University, 2007
Collation: 34 p.
Notes: Incl. notes

This paper considers corruption in higher education in Russia as reflected in the national media, including such aspects as corruption in admissions to higher education institutions and corruption in administering the newly introduced standardized test. The major focus is on the opinions of the leading figures of the education reform as related to corruption in education. The national media presents points of view of both supporters of the reform and those in opposition to the reform. Despite all the opposition that the standardized test faces among the leading educators and legislators, including The Chairman of The Council of Federation and numerous other Members of the Russian parliament and rectors of higher education institutions, the government continues implementation of the reform. Even though, as follows from the media reports and comments, the standardized test will not solve the problem of corruption in education, its full scale country-wide implementation at this point appears to be a question of time.

Higher education
Access to information, Press, Admission to school / university, Anti-corruption strategies, Legal framework, Corruption, Economic and social development, Educational management, Central administration, University administration, Examinations and diplomas
Russian Federation