Of academic fraud and the education crisis

Steinberg, Iain
Imprint: Washington, The Washington Times, 2000
Collation: p.284
Series: The World and I Magazine
Notes: Vol. 15, No.9

The World Wide Web has given students unprecedented access to legitimate and illegitimate education resources. Steinberg gives an oversight of the implications of it on present-day higher education. He thus describes how, in the U.S., internet-based research and term paper mills have become a booming industry, even though sixteen States have made it illegal since 1995 to sell academic research and term papers. On this basis, he raises the question: how can legislators, professors or administrators rightfully tell if a submitted piece of academic work was personally written or professionally subcontracted?

Higher education
Academic fraud, Cheating, Essay mills, Access to education, Educational management, Central administration, University administration, Examinations and diplomas, Research, Students, University staff
Americas and the Caribbean