IIEP’s research on corruption in education on display during OECD’s Integrity Forum

21/03/2017 | News

From 30 - 31 March, the OECD will host the 5th edition of its Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum entitled “In the Public Interest: Taking Integrity to Higher Standards” in Paris, France.

The two day forum will bring together public and private sectors, policy makers, civil society organisations and academia to discuss the key role integrity plays in society today and how to develop a more inclusive policy-making process for sustainable economic growth.

Besides a number of talks presenting the latest research on the theme of integrity, the conference includes an art exhibition and a presentation of innovative research posters.

Muriel Poisson will present a poster on insights into IIEP’s research on Corruption in education: its impact on equity, productivity, and growth and strategies to address it during the event.

IIEP’s poster will be on display during the forum and will highlight what corruption in education means, how it affects education and economic growth as well as presenting some successful practices and strategies to overcome corruption in the education sector. For more information and deeper insights into our research please visit us for the poster presentations during the conference. After the conference you will be able to download our paper and poster here.

For further information about the event take a look at the agenda and the OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum page.