Governance in education: transparency and accountability

Hallak Jacques, Muriel Poisson
2006 | 427 p.
This book presents a review of initiatives experimented worldwide, aimed at improving transparency and accountability in the management of the educational sector in a variety of domains, including: education financing, teacher appointment and transfer, conduct of teachers, school management, private tutoring, school nutrition, and so on. The various strategies thus described are gathered under three different headings: strengthening management capacities, creation and maintenance of regulatory systems, and promotion of enhanced ownership of the management process. A number of promising approaches such as the promotion of the right to information, the teaching of civic education or the creation of NGO coalitions against corruption are presented within this framework.
This report is based on the contributions made by a variety of authors to the international seminar on “Strategies to improve transparency and accountability in education”, organised by the IIEP in collaboration with the Mexican Secretariat of basic education, in Guanajuato, Mexico, from 3 to 7 November 2003. Top-decision makers participated in this high-level event; their presentations are also included in the report.

ISBN: 92-803-1285-5

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Ethics and corruption in education
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