Ethics and corruption in education

Jacques Hallak, Muriel Poisson
2002 | 185 p.
This book summarizes the findings of a research workshop organized by the IIEP on 'Ethics and corruption in education'. It makes a strong case for addressing the issue of corruption in education, based on the experiences of the various participants (representatives of countries and agencies).
The report discusses the multiple definitions of corruption, the question of the appropriate conceptual framework and methodologies for studying the issue, and proposes a set of activities to be undertaken within IIEP's next research programme on the theme of corruption in education.
It concludes with the findings of a survey involving some 33 institutions, providing a graphic illustration of the magnitude of the problem, and the variety of approaches being used to tackle it. 

Results from the Expert Workshop help at the IIEP
Paris, 28-29 November 2001

ISBN : 92-803-1223-5

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Ethics and corruption in education
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