As part of its effort to strengthen national capacities, IIEP organizes a variety of training activities on transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption issues in the education sector, including:

  • Courses organized upon request on specific topics to train representatives from ministries, donor agencies, and non-governmental organizations on ways to improve transparency and accountability in education.
  • Sub-regional PETS intensive courses, in which representatives of ministries of education and finance, members of national statistics offices, as well as civil society representatives, use materials designed by IIEP to stimulate the practical steps and methodology of public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS).
    In addition to organizing training activities, IIEP also provides training materials on ethics and corruption in education, which are designed as self-teaching materials.

Available training materials for download:

Strengthening integrity and transparency in the education and health sectors of Bangladesh
Savar, Bangladesh, April 2014

Building integrity and transparency in the education sector of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, June 2012