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Transparencia en educación: Maestros en Colombia, Alimentación escolar en Chile

by Margarita Peña and Carmen Luz Latorre

2005, 157 p. ISBN 92-803-3270-8
Price: €7

Towards more transparent financial management: scholarships and grants in Indonesia

by Stephen Baines

2005, 118 p.
Price: €7

Transparency in education. Report Card in Bangladesh. Quality Schools Programme in Mexico

by Shahnaz Karim, Claudia A. Santizo Rodall et al.

2004, 151 p. ISBN: 92-803-1269-3
Price: €7

Public expenditure tracking surveys in education Peru, Uganda and Zambia

by Ritva Reinikka and Nathanael Smith

2004, 136 p. ISBN: 92-803-1257-X
Price: €7

Formula funding of schools, decentralization and corruption

by Rosalind Levacic and Peter Downes

2004, 224 p. ISBN: 92-803-1264-2
Price: €10

Approvisionnement en livres scolaires : vers plus de transparence. Afrique francophone

by Jean-Pierre Leguéré

2003, 99 p. ISBN : 92-803-2245-1
Price: €7

Adverse effects of private supplementary tutoring: dimensions, implications and government responses

by Mark Bray

2003, 84 p. ISBN : 92-803-1240-5
Price: €7

Combating academic fraud: towards a culture of integrity

by Max A. Eckstein

2003, 101 p. ISBN : 92-803-1241-3
Price: €7

Ethics and corruption in education

by Jacques Hallak and Muriel Poisson

Results from the Expert Workshop help at the IIEP
Paris, 28-29 November 2001
2002, 185p. ISBN : 92-803-1223-5
Price: €7